Adrenal insufficiency after steroid therapy

Catecholamines are produced in chromaffin cells in the medulla of the adrenal gland, from tyrosine , a non-essential amino acid derived from food or produced from phenylalanine in the liver. The enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase converts tyrosine to L-DOPA in the first step of catecholamine synthesis. L-DOPA is then converted to dopamine before it can be turned into noradrenaline. In the cytosol , noradrenaline is converted to epinephrine by the enzyme phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT) and stored in granules. Glucocorticoids produced in the adrenal cortex stimulate the synthesis of catecholamines by increasing the levels of tyrosine hydroxylase and PNMT. [4] [13]

Thank you for your blog. I am so relieved that all of my AI symptoms and subsequent issues with steroid related weight gain aren’t subjected to me only (not that I’d wish this on my worst enemy). I have a hard time articulating everything I’m feeling when I feel ill & if I start to talk or write about it all later, I grow tired and/or frustrated before I am even finished. I don’t know how many posts I have tried to write or respond to only to “have to finish later” – only later never comes. Just looking at the unfinished messages or posts brings me stress. I used to thrive on stress but now it makes me useless. Unfortunately I have a lot of bad habits that only make my life more stressful & debilitating (. being late for everything). OK, I’m getting lost on some tangent (sorry about that). I just wanted to applaud you and how you are able to write so much of what the rest of us are going through (yet can’t do it ourselves). Also, you are bringing awareness to people about what AI is, how you’ve coped with it & what could help sufferers in the future (. I had never heard of an adrenal pump). So THANK YOU! I will be rooting for you (us) & your fight for flight!

A discussion on stress should include recognition of Dr. Hans Selye. His classic work on stress ( The Stress of Life , McGraw- Hill Book Co., .) and his many other publications report “that our various internal organs, especially the endocrine glands and the nervous system, help to adjust us to the constant changes which occur in and around us. He calls this adjustment the General Adaptation Syndrome. Selye concluded that the adrenals were the body’s prime reactors to stress. He stated that the adrenals “…are the only organs that do not shrink under stress; they thrive and enlarge. If you remove them, and subject an animal to stress it can’t live. But if you remove them, and then inject extract of cattle adrenals (cortex), stress resistance will vary in direct proportion to the amount of the injection, and even be put back to normal.” Likewise a person’s stress resistance will vary with the competence of his adrenals, but continually stressing the adrenals finally depletes them.

Adrenal insufficiency after steroid therapy

adrenal insufficiency after steroid therapy


adrenal insufficiency after steroid therapyadrenal insufficiency after steroid therapyadrenal insufficiency after steroid therapyadrenal insufficiency after steroid therapyadrenal insufficiency after steroid therapy