Anabolic reference guide 2011

The hardest part for an Ectomorph or what we 'know' as a hard gainer is the fact that the digestive system is slow and can only deal with a small amount of food at a time. This coupled with the high metabolic rate means the classical ectomorph will lose almost as much tissue in a year as they gain. To get the volume of required nutrients you need to move towards the broken down form of food and supplements more. Liquid such as whey and oils and suitable meal replacement drinks can fill in the gaps for an ectomorph in an easily digestible format. Supplementing with greens supplements when required aswell. The fine line and trial and error here is to keep digestive turnover at an efficient rate.

Click here to learn how to make the most of creatine supplementation using smaller doses, thereby alleviating stress on your system. Serum, Micronized, or Effervescent Creatines? The previously discussed guidelines were originally formulated for pure creatine monohydrate powder. For information concerning other forms of creatine you’ll need to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Click here to be directed to our creatine products page where you can search for creatine serum, micronized creatine, effervescent creatine, etc, and get the manufacturer’s recommendations and product details.

Anabolic reference guide 2011

anabolic reference guide 2011


anabolic reference guide 2011anabolic reference guide 2011anabolic reference guide 2011anabolic reference guide 2011anabolic reference guide 2011