Best recomp steroid cycle

How many calories should i actually be consuming?
Well here’s the thing, I’m in herbalife since like December 2013 and i went from 155 to 140 pounds with the exercise they provide, not eating much or eating a bit healthy, and drinking their tea and shake about 4 times a week. However after just a month of returning to bad eating i gained all my weight back and more! I went up to 165pounds but now im actually eating healthy And doing exercise 2-3 times a day daily which consist of only cardio on some days and strength training combined with lil cardio on other days. After a week of that i now weigh 161 pounds. So since i exercise in the morning and late afternoon, should i be consuming more than 1200 calories? I get really hungry every 2-4 hours. Is it better to lose fat while building muscle right now? Or should i just focus on losing that extra weight for the moment?

so youre saying i can lift 3 times a week and on training days raise complex carb levels and lower fat intake slightly, but on my 3 off days i can raise my fat intake but keep my carbs at a low but good rate and do sprints while intermittent fasting in the morning because i either fast 16 or 18 hrs on off days and i am skinnyfat so i do big compund movements in a split followed by little isolation movements 4 sets 5-10 reps max and ill be gaining muscle and losing fat while including 2 cheat meals every 2 weeks im 14% bodyfat does this sound like a good plan and i only eat healthy simple sugars like fruits,whole wheat, and milk every other day. im a beginner to liftng.

Best recomp steroid cycle

best recomp steroid cycle


best recomp steroid cyclebest recomp steroid cyclebest recomp steroid cycle