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To make it easier to understand why injectable steroids have less side effect compared to oral ones, it should be mentioned that how oral steroids act on the body. As it is known anabolic steroids are taken in two forms. Orally or by injection. When oral steroids are taken they need to pass through digestive system of the body and the kidney to get into the bloodstream. While they are passing through they are tend to cause serious side effects. At this point, injectable steroids promotes such beneficial effects. Injectable ones do not need to pass through digestive system. In other words they are able to get into bloodstream directly. Hence, there are less likely to cause such side effects compared to oral steroids.

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As with most types of vasculitis there is no one test that will give the diagnosis. The diagnosis is usually made because the doctor recognises the typical collection of symptoms and clinical signs. Blood tests for inflammation (ESR - erythrocyte sedimentation rate; CRP - C-reactive protein; plasma viscosity) will usually be high indicating inflammation but these are not specific and can be raised in any type of vasculitis, many infections and other types of inflammatory disease. If the temporal arteries are involved (located at the sides of the forehead over the temples) then a biopsy may be performed. If the biopsy shows inflammation this will help to confirm the diagnosis. Unfortunately a biopsy without inflammation does not exclude the diagnosis. Sometimes an ultra sound scan of the arteries is used instead of a biopsy.

Cambridge steroids uk

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