Cervical epidural steroid injection safety

High dosages of oral corticosteroids taken daily for prolonged periods of time can have serious systemic side effects including bone loss ( osteoporosis), increased risk of infections and diabetes and cataracts, thinning of skin, stretch marks, increased facial/body hair growth, acne, fluid retention, weight gain with redistribution of fat (fat deposits on back and face, thinning of limbs), muscle weakness, decreased resistance to infections, stomach ulcers, mood swings, insomnia, suppression of the body's own production of cortisol, etc.

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Cervical epidural steroid injection safety

cervical epidural steroid injection safety


cervical epidural steroid injection safetycervical epidural steroid injection safetycervical epidural steroid injection safetycervical epidural steroid injection safetycervical epidural steroid injection safety