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Regarding the Kala Jeera. You are right that there are at least two that is loosely called by the same name. The Nigella Sativa, which is slightly teardrop shaped and very dark/black are called Kalo or Kala Jeera in Bengali. In stores it also goes by the name Kalonji . Some call it onion seeds but that name probably came from the flavors as it would seem similar to onion powder in the first whiff.. This spice is very widely used in Bengali cuisine. In the rest of the Indian cuisine the use is limited but a lot of Indian pickle recipes use this Kalonji. This one is one of the ingredients of the Indian Five Spice Mix or Panch Phoron.

I’ll be 63 soon and I want to get back into playing guitar. I played in a garage band back in the 70′s and loved it and I was ( the lead guitar) player as I was the only guitar player. Back then we really did not have the resources that exist today so my lead playing was limited to what ever I could pick up on my own. I taught myself chords, open and barre and really my approach to leads was pretty much just play single notes based off of the chord that was being played. I didn’t understand hammer-ons & pull-offs ( did not recognize the sounds when slowing down a record) and never knew scales or scale forms.
I’ve tried TABs and while I have a good idea what the symbols mean I find them painfully slow to try and learn a lead section for a song. I want to learn scales and positions and in my mind then I will be able to play leads to whatever chord progression a song may have. So my question is what scales should I concentrate on to play Classic Rock music, which is the style I like. (60′s, 70′s, 80′s)?

If you are new to web design, maybe you are thinking: "Why I have to limit to that small set of fonts? I have a large collection of nice fonts in my computer". Well, as seasoned web designers already know, browsers can use only the fonts installed in each computer, so it means that every visitor of your web page needs to have all the fonts you want to use installed in his/her computer. Of course, different people will have different fonts installed, and thus come the need of a standard set of fonts. Fortunately, CSS allows set several values for the font-family property , which eases the task a bit.

Commonly available steroids

commonly available steroids


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