How much do your testicles shrink on steroids

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The residuals for the model look pretty good. You might notice that the shape of the residuals for the United States isn’t the same as the other countries; there is less variation in the residuals at high salary than at low salary. Another way to say this is that the variance of the residuals isn’t constant. This is called heteroscedasticity (say that three times fast!) and means that our dataset doesn’t quite meet the underlying assumptions of our model. That’s modeling with real-world, messy data for you! We still feel comfortable with the results of our statistical modeling and the prediction intervals that we are reporting in the calculator.

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How much do your testicles shrink on steroids

how much do your testicles shrink on steroids


how much do your testicles shrink on steroidshow much do your testicles shrink on steroidshow much do your testicles shrink on steroidshow much do your testicles shrink on steroidshow much do your testicles shrink on steroids