How to thicken skin after steroid use

Your skin tends to become thinner as you age. Therefore, it is important to take care of your skin in order to keep it supple and thickened. Thinning of the skin may occur when the level of collagen in the skin decreases and skin elasticity is lost. Collagen is a protein found in the skin which helps to nourish the skin and make it healthy. Thin skin may also be caused by the long-term use of steroid ointments that cause the skin to bruise easily and become fragile and transparent. Luckily, there are a number of things you can try to make your skin thicker, stronger and firmer.

There are certain types of warts that should never be self-treated:

  • Plantar warts in large clusters, or single warts more than half an inch wide.
  • Venereal (genital) warts.
  • Facial warts.
  • Flat warts (they are too easily confused with other skin conditions, and usually go away completely by themselves after a few months).
If self-treatment of common warts is ineffective after four weeks, or plantar wart treatment ineffective after 12 weeks, a physician should be consulted. Corns need only to be evaluated by a physician if they are particularly persistent and very painful. Custom orthotic inserts may be considered.

I suffered a first degree burn to a certain part of my face. Part of the process they gave a topical cream with steroids and antibacterial properties to keep it from getting infected and to prompt quick healing. I was formed that thinning skin in area will probably occur. Once my skin heals properly and time in between has occurred, can I use my 1% retinol to help with that issue? I currently also use Vit C, Hyluronic acid, BHA and AHA. But im more concerned right now about the thinning skin. I know it seems stupid for some people to worry about such a thing. And while I thank my lucky stars that it was just a first degree burn, nonetheless once it heals I still have the skin to worry about. Im only 36.

How to thicken skin after steroid use

how to thicken skin after steroid use


how to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid use