Is nandeconate a steroid

As with all steroids, Deca can cause dangerous damage to the liver and kidneys. While its effects are generally less severe than those of some other more potent anabolics, toxicity can be severe, especially in those who use large amounts. In addition, men who use this true anabolic run the risk of gynecomastia, which is the growth of breast tissue resembling that of women. Deca is one of the steroids that is least likely to cause gynecomastia, but the possibility still exists. It also can cause blood clots and detrimental changes in the levels of cholesterol in the body. While changing cholesterol levels are not necessarily fatal, blood clots can be.

Nandeconate is the compound of choice for many bodybuilders because it reportedly gives you the best benefit to side effect ratio of any other product. Its a very strong anabolic agent with low androgenic effects. It was designed to help increase nitrogen retention as well as help improve recovery time. This results in excellent size and strength development that is good for both bulking and cutting cycles. Its versatility is unmatched and is a good base anabolic meaning it can be stacked with virtually any other drug or supplement with low chance of negative interactions.

Is nandeconate a steroid

is nandeconate a steroid


is nandeconate a steroidis nandeconate a steroidis nandeconate a steroidis nandeconate a steroidis nandeconate a steroid