Keep results after steroids

The video above by YouTuber JBMediaWerks gives you a good starting point for assessing the damage to a car that’s been flooded. As it points out, between ensuring there’s no water in your cylinders, keeping fluids decontaminated, cleaning your interior, and praying that not too many sensors and wires made it below the water line, there’s a lot to think about when trying to bring a car back from flood damage. And that’s not even accounting for potential corrosion issues that could result from water introducing dirt into hard-to-clean parts of the body.

I am about to finish the Insanity program. I am down 22 pounds to a weight I haven’t seen in 20 years, and a level of fitness that brings me memories of my youth as an elite athlete.
I have made most all of my goals in this effort and more. However I still feel I have work to do in my lower abs, as I still have about a half inch of flab on either side of my waist. I figure if I keep doing Insane Abs and some of the circuit work I can slice off that remaining annoying bit.
I would like to know if the beachbody coaches are trained in what I really should call “sculpting” at this point. I have all of the general tone I need. I don’t want to go anorexic and I don’t want to be super-muscle guy. I want to keep my old swimmer’s body (I can now see it in the mirror!) and just keep making steady progress. If I can build my shoulders back up and keep doing plyo work I’ll be in the best post-college shape of my life. And that’s where I want to be.
I don’t mind paying for a beachbody coach, but are these guys (and ladies) trained to help me sculpt my waist, lower abs and shoulders like this, using the Insanity (plus the extras, I have the whole set)? I really would like to use what I’ve got here.
Thanks for the feedback. This program has been an incredible life changer.

Keep results after steroids

keep results after steroids


keep results after steroidskeep results after steroidskeep results after steroidskeep results after steroidskeep results after steroids