Kortikosteroidi su lekovi

MIMO technology makes wireless transmission rates up to 150Mbps.
CCA technology enhances your signal stablility by automatically avoiding channel conflicts.
Quick secure setup, complies with WPS for worry free wireless security.
Wireless security encryption easily at a push Of QSS button.
Supports 64/128-bit WEP, as well as WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions.
Supports WIN2K, XP, VISTA, WIN7, MAC, LINUX operating system.
Supports wireless roaming technology for high-efficient wireless connections.
Seamlessly compatible with /g/n devices.

Chipset:Realtek RTL8188
Host Interface:High speed / Interface

Dinitrofenol (DNP)
Of all the means of weight loss dinitrofenol the most poisonous and lethal product that people have ever tried to use for weight loss. The basic purpose of this preparation as a means of detonation of TNT explosives, as well as rat poison and insecticide. DNP-property and that causes weight loss was first observed by chance. Specifically, obese workers in factories producing munitions for the . Army in World War I many inexplicably lose weight in short periods of time. Subsequent investigation showed that the DNP, with whom workers come into contact, was the main culprit for this unusual phenomenon. Although at that time there was no explanation for this phenomenon began to be widely recommend as an excellent tool for weight loss. So in the 30s of the last century has become extremely popular. However, because of health threats, after a few years ago was withdrawn from sale. Many users are a very serious side effects experienced occurrence of cataract in the eyes. Often were the deaths due to overdose.
DNP, or any similar chemical compound can not be found in any living organism, and is therefore considered that its use is absurd. Nevertheless, DNP has recently become incredibly popular among bodybuilders and fitness freaks, especially in the ..
DNP increases calorie burning by increasing body temperature by blocking oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria of cells. DNP prevents the ATP used as energy. There is no doubt that DNP increases metabolism like no prreparat so far. Even at relatively low doses of 3-5 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, DNP metabolism by 30%. If the product is used continuously, this percentage increases up to 50%. At this pace can burn up to kg of body fat a day. Of course, with such an extraordinary action comes to great danger. Quadruple the amount of those recommended certainly cause death. DNP with higher dose raises the body temperature so it can lead to coagulation proteins, which primarily damages the brain. Simply put, DNP can “burn” the brain. Also, there is irreversible damage to liver and kidney. All in all, taking a DNP is one of najsuludijih pharmacological adventures that man ever tried.

Kortikosteroidi su lekovi

kortikosteroidi su lekovi


kortikosteroidi su lekovikortikosteroidi su lekovikortikosteroidi su lekovikortikosteroidi su lekovi