Steroids middle ear infection

Hey rachele. Im not sure wht u have because it sounded more like infection. Now, i have stop taking traditional medicine but went to acupuncture once in a month. My hearing problem is on and off. Did my hearing test; one week my hearing seems to be almost normal, another week back to moderate hearing loss. Sigh. My friend have suggestd me to visit this doctor who specialises in traditional chinese method. He say he will use knife and poke it somewher along nerve line . Haha it sounds scary, i know, but it is proven to be alright for most people. So i think i shud go for it? Will tell u more if my hearing improve after tht. But, have u try see a different doctor? To get a second opinion.

If necessary only, protect your child's ears from soapy water or from water in public swimming pools and rivers/lakes. Swimming in the sea has a lower risk of ear infection. To protect the ears, I recommend a large segment of "Blutac" placed in the ear hole. Alternatively, use cotton wool mixed with Vaseline, insert into the ears and then cover with another layer of Vaseline on the outside. Silicone putty, or earplugs are available from most pharmacies. Fitted earplugs ("Docs Pro Plugs") can be very useful for regular swimmers. A swim cap or ear wrap may also be useful to retain the ear plugs.

Modern nasal steroids such as Beconase™ , Rhinocort® , Flixonase™ and Nasonex® are proven safe for long term treatment. They should not be confused with dangerous anabolic steroids abused by some athletes – you will be perfectly eligible for the Olympics on these treatments. Potential side-effects of being “on steroids” are minimal because the total dose is small, and very little of the small dose taken is absorbed into the body. However, you might get local side-effects, such as nosebleeds. Occasionally, nosebleeds can be bad enough to stop you taking nasal steroids.

Steroids middle ear infection

steroids middle ear infection


steroids middle ear infectionsteroids middle ear infectionsteroids middle ear infectionsteroids middle ear infectionsteroids middle ear infection