Testex steroid

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Testex Prolongatum hard golf course to about 8 to 10 weeks at a dose of 250 to 500 milligrams. Steroids in rates below this threshold does not give a significant effect, but also the amount in excess of the drug is not administered to enhance the effect. The ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone maximum dose (for advanced athletes) is 1000 milligrams. The ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone estrogenic activity removes tamoxifen or Proviron. The antiestrogens inhibit the development of gynecomastia. With the ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone courses lasting more than one month, we recommend using a gonadotropin. With regard to the form of carry Testex Prolongatum along with others members of AA, the scheme more common is use nandrolone in a dose of 200 mg by week (dose weekly total of AAS in this case-400 milligrams).

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Testex steroid

testex steroid


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