Werkingsmechanisme lokale corticosteroiden

28 Appendix Description animal procedures This appendix should be enclosed with the project proposal for animal procedures. A different appendix description animal procedures should be enclosed for each type of animal procedure. For more information, see our website (-). Or contact us by phone ( ). 1 General information Provide the approval number of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Provide the name of the licenced establishment University of Utrecht List the serial number and type of animal procedure. Use the serial numbers provided in Section of the Project Proposal form. Serial number 1 Type of animal procedure 2 Description of animal procedures A. Experimental approach and primary outcome parameters Describe the general design of the animal procedures in relation to the primary outcome parameters. Justify the choice of these parameters. It is well known that breast milk is protective against infections and contains immune modulating components. Pagina 1 van 14

(11) Div., “International Communist Review” 2 , 2010-2011 – Aleka Papariga, “We believe that NEP was a specific particularity in Soviet russia after the civil war and the foreign intervention. Lenin regarded that NEP has a short-term character, as a need for the transition from war communism due to the imperialist intervention and the civil war. The prospect of the abolition of NEP in the near future was clear for Lenin. / The point is that the workers’ revolutionary power must ploan and act with the aim to abolisch the exploitative relation between salaried labour and capital. In that sense, we consider impossible the long coexistence of communist and capitalist relations in the framework of the socialist construction. As the experience in the USSR showed, the question ‘who-whom’ will soon emerge in practice. / Communist p-roduction – even in its immature stage – is directly social production: the division of labour does not take place for exchange, it is not effected through the market, and the products of labour that are individually consumed are not commodities. / commodity money relations cease to exist with the eradication of the elements of the old system that reproduce them. Thjis is not realised spontaneously but consciously, though the policy of the workers’ state power. this menas that the dictatorship of the proletariat must have a policy for the eradication of the elements of the old society and the particiapation of every individual labour to the direct social labour. …

Werkingsmechanisme lokale corticosteroiden

werkingsmechanisme lokale corticosteroiden


werkingsmechanisme lokale corticosteroidenwerkingsmechanisme lokale corticosteroidenwerkingsmechanisme lokale corticosteroiden